A running list of product and feature release updates for Kamana for healthcare staffing agencies. Questions or feedback? Is there a pain point you'd like to see solved via Kamana that would help enhance the way you work? We'd love to hear from you.


  • (NEW) Credentialing: More Control for Linking CR’s - New Credentialing Requirement Links can now be applied exclusively to open Engagements not yet through the Credentialing Process. Previously this feature only distinguished between all open Engagements, or only future Engagements.

  • (NEW) Compliance Dashboard Search Talent - Users may now filter the Compliance Dashboard by Talent Name to view which Engagement Requirements are expiring for only that Talent.

  • (NEW) Engagements List Search Talent - Users may now filter the Engagements List by Talent Name to view Engagements for only that Talent.

  • (NEW) Engagements Date Sorting - Users may now sort by order of Starting or Ending Dates on the Engagements list to see which Engagements are starting soonest, ending soonest, and more. 


  • (NEW) Updated Web Session Duration.  When signing into your Kamana Account, you will automatically be logged out after a specified time. The duration of your session is determined by your login preference.
    • 60 Minutes when "Keep me signed in" is unchecked
    • 3 Days when "Keep me signed in" is checked


  • (FIXED) Job Descriptions Saving As Expected.  For a brief time, job descriptions were not saving properly when creating or editing a job requisition. A fix has been deployed and job descriptions are now saving as expected.
  • (FIXED) eSign Modification Module Opening Properly. Previously, if attempting to modify an eSign template again after closing the modification module, the module would not open. To modify the eSign, the page must be refreshed. A fix has been deployed to allow users to re-open the modification module without refreshing. 


  • (NEW) Automatic Close of Active Engagement at End Date.  Active Engagements will now be completed automatically once the end date of the engagement has passed. For example, if an Active engagement end date is November 6th, 2022, on November 7th, 2022 the engagement will update to the Completed Successfully status. This also applies to engagement extensions.
  • (NEW) Talent Ability Filter by Job Type on Job Board. Talent users now have the ability to filter public job boards or the talent job board by Job Type to more easily locate jobs of interest to them.

  • (NEW) Talent Job Board Now Displays Gross Weekly Pay, Start Date, and Posted Date. The talent job board now displays the gross weekly pay, start date, and job posting date on the job overview.

  • (FIXED) Engagement Reason for Change Now Populating. Previously, when advancing or backtracking an engagement status, the text entered in the Reason for Change field was not populating. A fix has been deployed to display the Reason for Change on the Engagement Status card.
  • (FIXED) Date Picker in Editing Job Now Appearing. When editing a Job Requisition and selecting the start date, the date picker did not appear. Users were able to utilize YY-MM-DD format to enter the updated start date. A fix has been deployed to now populate the date picker when editing a job start date.
  • (IMPROVED) Performance Enhancement when adding eSign Credentialing Requirements. Some users experienced unusually long load times when attempting to add a new eSign Credentialing Requirement. Occasionally, the page would time out. A fix has been made to optimize performance when adding a new eSign Credentialing Requirement.
  • (FIXED) Engagement Complete Sub-Status is now Displayed. The reason for the completion of an engagement was not being displayed on an Engagement card. A fix has been deployed to properly display the reason for the completion of the engagement to the Engagement card.


  • (New) Reinstate Engagement. Agency users can now “Reinstate” an Engagement when it is in the complete status. Completed Engagements’ status could not be changed previously.
  • (Improved) Engagement Status Widget Changes. The Engagement Status widget has been reconfigured to reduce unintended actions. The “backtrack Engagement” and “End Engagement” options are now behind the ellipsis menu.

  • (Improved) Search Talent Results. When agency users search talent, the results remain even if the enter/return key is selected.


  • (NEW) Banner notification on Engagements to indicate the associated Job is Closed. When a Job Requisition is Closed, any Engagements related to the Job Requisition will have a Banner presented at the top of the page to notify Agency Users. The purpose of this notification is to avoid having users perform work on Engagements for a Job Requisition that has already been filled or cancelled.
  • (New) Due Date on Needed Engagement Requirements. When an Engagement Requirement is in the Needed status, agency users can now add a due date to define when the Needed Engagement Requirement must be completed by.

  • (New) Extension Dates reflected on Engagement Cards. When an Engagement has been extended one or more times, Agency users will see those extension dates in chronological order on the Engagement Card.
  • (New) More Options for Verified Engagement Requirements. Employer Users can now update Engagement Requirements that are in the Verified status by "Un-Verifying" and moving them back to the Mapped Status and/or mapping different Talent Profile records to the Engagement Requirement as well as select a reason for the change.
  • (New) "View All" Notes on Engagements. Engagement Notes now only display the 3 most recent notes on the Engagement page. To see all notes left on an Engagement, users can click on "View All" notes and will be taken to a new page with all notes left on the Engagement visible.
  • (Fixed) Mapping one-off Engagement Requirements. An issue that caused difficulty in mapping profile items to one-off Engagement Requirements has been resolved.


  • (Fixed) Incorrect count for number of results on Compliance Dashboard. When filtering the Compliance Dashboard, the count for results of expiring items could become inaccurate. This issue has been resolved.


  • (NEW) Facility Name Visible on Talent's View of Jobs. Talent users can now see the facility name where many job requisitions will be located
  • (NEW) Employer Users can Subscribe other Employer Users. On an Engagement, Employer users can now search for and select other users in their Employer account to be a Subscriber. Previously, users could only subscribe themselves by clicking "subscribe" while on the Engagement. 
  • (NEW) Extended Badge on Engagement Card. When an Engagement is extended, an "Extended" Badge will appear on that Engagement Card - allowing users to see which Engagements have been extended without having to open the Engagement. 
  • (IMPROVED) "Clear Professions and Specialties" buttons with more functionality. When linking Credential Requirements the "Clear Professions" and "Clear Specialties" buttons will now clear out unsaved and saved professions and specialties on a Credential Requirement Lin
  • (IMPROVED) Reassigning an Engagement renders more results. Users are now able to view more/all results in their search when reassigning an Engagement.


  • (FIXED) Archived Attachments Not Loading. An Issue where some archived attachments were not loading has been resolved.

  • (NEW) Notifications on Expiring Engagement Requirements - Talent users will now receive notifications for expiring requirements on their Engagements. These automatic notifications begin 60 days out from when the relevant Requirements expire with a continuous cadence past the item's expiration date.
  • (FIXED) Text Box Sizing on Engagement Notes automatically minimizing. An issue where the text box when creating an Engagement note would automatically minimize without a user direction has been resolved.


  • (NEW) More flexibility in mapping Talent Profile records to Engagement Requirements. The list of items to choose from while mapping Talent Profile records can now optionally be expanded to include all records from the corresponding Talent Profile section, Employer Attachments, and Additional Documents.


  • (NEW) Ability to Add New Engagement Requirements to Open Engagements when Editing Credential Requirements. When editing Credential Requirements, users can now optionally have those edits reflected onto open Engagements as new Engagement Requirements.
  • (NEW) Ability to Add New Engagement Requirements to Open Engagements when Linking new Credential Requirements. When linking new Credential Requirements, users can now optionally have those requirements reflected onto open Engagements as new Engagement Requirements - allowing for more real-time accuracy in onboarding requirements.
  • (FIXED) Incorrect Engagement Requirements after Adding Contract to an Engagement. An issue where incorrect Engagement Requirements were sometimes generated after Adding a Contract to an Engagement has been resolved.


  • (NEW) Attachments to Education Records on Talent Profile. File attachments can now be added to Education Records on Talent Profiles.

Beta Customers

  • (NEW) "Extended" Badge on Engagement. Engagements now have an "Extended" badge when an extension is added to an Engagement to more easily discern when an Engagement has been extended.
  • (NEW) Facility Name displayed on Engagement Cards. the ****Facility Name, City, and State where an Engagement will take place is now displayed on Engagement Cards.
  • (NEW) "Months Valid" displayed on Engagement Requirement. The "Months Valid" field now displays on Engagement Requirements created from Credential Requirements to help users determine expiration dates for credentials.
  • (NEW) Select Scope at Time of Linking New Credentialing Requirement. Users can now select the scope of new Credential Requirement Links at all levels in their account at the time of linking the Credential Requirement. The scope can still be edited after the Credential Requirement has been linked.
  • (IMPROVED) Additional "template" wording removed from Credential Requirement Names. The "template" wording appended on eSign Credential Requirements and Engagement Requirements has been removed.
  • (IMPROVED) Expiration Date Removed for Employer Accounts using Engagements. Only for Employer accounts using Kamana's Engagements functionality, the expiration date tracking for Medical History items on the talent profile has been removed. Expiration Dates can now be kept on the talent's Engagement.
  • (IMPROVED) Updated Section Headers on Job Requisition and Engagement. Some section headers have been changed to increase clarity around what specific sections in the app are referring to. On the Engagement, "Job Details" has been changed to "Engagement Details". On the Job Requisition "Contract Details" has been changed to "Job Requisition Details".
  • (FIXED) Archived Medical History Items No Longer Mappable. An issue where Archived Medical History profile records could be mapped to Engagement Requirements has been resolved.
  • (FIXED) Subscribe/Unsubscribe Issues. An issue where a user would be automatically re-subscribed after unsubscribing themselves has been resolved.


  • (NEW) Archived Credential Requirement Links sorted to bottom of page. Archived CR Links now sort to the bottom of the page in all levels in the application to allow active CR Links to be displayed more prominently on the page.
  • (NEW) Sorting and Filtering On Compliance Dashboard.Filter and Sorting options have been included on the Compliance Dashboard to narrow results to a more specific search set of expiring items.

  • (NEW) 45 days an option for “Expires Within” on Compliance Dashboard. An additional filter option for 45 days has been added to the “Expires Within” list. The options are now 60, 45, 30, 15 days and Expired Only.
  • (FIXED) Sort Order for active Credential Requirement Links restored. Active Credential Requirement Links are again sorted alphabetically by Requirement Type and then alphabetically by name in all levels in the application.
  • (FIXED) “Cancel” button on new Engagement note fixed. When creating a new Engagement Note, selecting “cancel” did not properly cancel the note from being added. This has been fixed.
  • (FIXED) Edit options on existing Engagement notes are now accurate.


  • (NEW) Email all Notifications preference now available.Employer Users can now choose to have all notifications be sent as a push notification to their email. Email all notifications is the default notification choice for new users. Additional information has also been added to each notification preference choice for more clarity into what notifications are delivered where with each selection.

  • (NEW) Type-Ahead Facility search on Add Job Requisition and Contract Pages.A type-ahead search has replaced a drop down selector when choosing a facility on the Add Job Requisition and Add Contract Pages.

  • (NEW) “Note” is default type when adding a new Engagement note.
  • (FIXED) Reason for change as Required/Optional field upon Engagement Status Change. Directions around whether the “Reason For Change” field is required or optional have been updated to correct inaccurate instruction.
  • (IMPROVED) “Billing” Department changed to “Finance”. The “Billing” option for a user’s department has been changed to “Finance”.
  • (NEW) Expiration Date now editable on Mapped and Verified Engagement Requirements.Expiration dates on Mapped and Verified Engagement Requirements can now be added, edited, and deleted.

  • (Improved) “Additional Document” and “Employer Attachment” Removed from Credential Requirement names. Credential Requirement names are no longer prepended with “Additional Document” or “Employer Attachment”.


  • (NEW) Identify and Edit Contract when adding Job Requisition. Employer Users can now identify and edit which Contract any Job Requisition is being staffed through by selecting from the dropdown on the “Contract” field when adding a new Job Requisition.


  • (NEW) End Dates on Job Requisitions. Job Requisitions now have dedicated end dates auto-calculated using the Start Date and Contract Length.
  • (IMPROVED) Historical and On Hold Job Requisitions Do Not Display on Talent view of Job Matches. On Hold and Historical Job Requisitions are now removed from Talent’s Job Matches to avoid confusion around Job Requisitions that are not open.
  • (FIXED) Job Requisitions with “ASAP” Start Date display properly. Job Requisitions with “Asap” Start dates were not rendering properly. This functionality has been restored.


  • (IMPROVED) Performance improvements when loading Notifications. A change has been made to the way that Notifications details load in the Kamana notification center to increase page load time across the platform. In other words, FAST just got FASTER. 


  • (FIXED) Restored the ability to receive Notifications in-app only. Some users may have experienced the loss of the ability to set Notification Preferences to in-app only. This option has been restored.