In any service industry, you'll have Clients. With every Client, there is a written clause for services rendered: a Contract. Traditionally, Contracts have been managed through countless paperclips, folders, or worst of all filing cabinets. Your Kamana Contracts offers a secure and efficient way to tie in your available services with any of your Clients. 

With this Guide, you can:

What are Contracts?

In the legal world , Contracts are generally defined as a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment or sales, that is intended to be enforceable by law. In the Kamana world, Contracts are required in order to associate a Facility to a Client. A Facility is where you'll be listing your Job Requisitions, so Contracts are very useful to aggregate multiple facilities under one Client.

Kamana's Contracts provide the benefit of summarizing the actionable and critical areas of your hiring needs. You can even attach your formal/physical contract to it!

How do I Create Contracts?

Kamana keeps Contract creation simple and clean! Simply:

  1. Log into your Kamana Account.
  2. Navigate to your Clients under Sales
  3. Click on the Client you will have a Contract with.
  4. Fill in the Name of the Contract. This is the only required field.
  5. Fill in any additional details, and Save.

Understand the Contract Details

Whenever you are reviewing a candidate from your Talent pages, their matched jobs will show up at the bottom-right of the Talent Profile screen. A corresponding match score reflecting the strength of the match will appear next to each Job Requisition. Kamana currently won't show any matching Jobs that are weighed lower than 90% matched.


Select the professions covered by this contract. If you don't select a profession, this contract will automatically default to cover "Any profession".


Document which employees will be related to this contract. Make your selection from the Users in the dropdown.

  • Contract Specialist
  • Client Manager


Enter the contract terms and dates.

  • Start Date - select date from calendar view
  • Contract Term (optional)
    • Fixed Date
    • Cancel with notice
  • End Date (optional) - select date from calendar view
  • Days Notice in Order to Cancel Contract (optional) - select number of days from dropdown


How will orientation hours be handled? Enter the number or percentage under your selection.

  • Non-Billable Orientation Hours
  • Billable Orientation Hours
  • Billable Orientation Percent of Rate


  • Administrative Fee (as percent)
  • Prompt Pay Discount


Any information related to how to submit candidates to the client.

Vendor Management System (VMS)
Submission Method


All the information related to tracking employee/subcontractor time. Currently we keep track of only what day of the week begins their Work Week.

Policies & Terms

This section allows you to add free-text sections from your contract that may summarize important information. Add as many (or as little) of the following fields as desired.

  • Assignment Confirmation
  • Billing Terms
  • Cancellation - Client
  • Cancellation - Employer (Us)
  • Cancellation - Talent (HCP)
  • Floating
  • Holidays
  • Orientation
  • Overtime
  • Publicity
  • Radius Restrictions
  • Shift Call Off
  • Shift Differential
  • Subcontracting
  • Submission Terms (Restrictions)
  • Transition of Active Employees
  • Anything Not Covered Elsewhere

Linking Entities to Contracts


Select your Facilities which are currently serviced under this Contract.


Upload any attachments that may pertain to your Contract. The most common selection is a copy of the physical contract itself.

Note: We currently only supported PNG, JPG, and PDF files under 15 megabytes.


Link your Credentialing Requirements for your Contract here.