When you see the 'Powered by Kamana' 'logo while applying for a job, you have the ability to instantly apply and onboard using your free Kamana profile

  1. Choose the 'I Have A Kamana Profile' option (do not choose 'create profile')
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Complete the prompted questions (which may be unique to the agency you're applying with)
  4. Click apply to submit your application

This will instantly share the details in your Kamana profile with the agency and you can start communicating with the agency directly in the platform. Look out for communication from your agency on specific next steps, but the sooner your profile is 100% complete, the closer you'll be to landing your dream job.

Sample 'Powered by Kamana' Application page

The application or sign up pages won't all look exactly the same. However, every staffing agency that uses Kamana will display a 'Powered by Kamana' logo similar to the below. There will also be an option on the page stating 'I have a Kamana Profile'. Choose this option if you already have a profile.