Employer Attachments are essential to storing and organizing all of the required paperwork for a healthcare professional moving through the credentialing process. Employer Attachments are specific to the healthcare professional, and can only be viewed by your agency team members. The healthcare professional does not have access to these documents, just like the Employer Notes section. Documents can be uploaded to the Kamana Profile and organized using the Employer Attachment Categories to make locating documentation easy!
Uploading an Employer Attachment
  • Open the Talent Profile
  • Navigate to the Employer Attachment section
  • Select(+) Add
  • Browse for File
  • Add Attachment Name
  • Select Category
    • Options Include: Assignment Documents, Background Checks & Verifications, Employee Evaluations, General Documents, Human Resources, Identification, Medical Documents, References, Resumes, and Testing
  • Add Description(optional)
  • Select Save Changes
Viewing Employer Attachments
When viewing a talent profile, the five most recently uploaded Employer Attachments are visible. To view all Employer Attachments, select View All
You can sort by Category using the Drop Down List

Employer Attachment Archive

Documents uploaded to the Employer Attachment section can be archived and restored later, if necessary. Archived Attachments can be viewed from the Talent Profile from the View All Employer Attachment page by selecting View Archived. Archived Attachments are able to be restored easily by selecting the Restore button.