Agencies can utilize Kamana’s Messaging feature to communicate with healthcare providers using a Claimed Talent Profile directly. The messaging feature enables agencies to offer a single point of contact to healthcare professionals through a single medium. 

  • Each healthcare professional has a dedicated message thread with your agency. Any agency user is able to join the thread, which allows for multiple agency users to chat with the healthcare professional simultaneously. 
  • The Primary Contact assigned to the healthcare professional’s Claimed Talent Profile will be notified of new messages. You can learn more about how to change the primary contact of a talent profile by clicking here.
  • Both the healthcare professional and primary contact agency user will be notified of messages based on their Notification Preferences

Creating a Message

You can send a message to a healthcare professional using a Claimed Talent Profile two ways:
From the My/Our Talent page, select the Message Icon at the bottom right corner of the Talent Profile overview
From the Talent Profile, select the Message {Healthcare Professional’s First Name} icon listed.