Stop! Collaborate and Staff! Kamana was built to provide your agency with effective and efficient tools to interact and collaborate with healthcare professionals. 

Remember! Requesting that healthcare professionals send all information to you via their Kamana profile will help keep both them and your agency safe. Kamana puts an end to unsafe and unsecure practices of sending and receiving sensitive information via text and email. 
Claimed Talent Profiles allow your agency and the healthcare professional to co-manage their information. Collaboration is available for the following features within Kamana: 
  • Talent Profile
    • Healthcare professionals and Agencies can view and edit all sections of the Talent Profile, including expiring credentials
      • All changes made to the Talent Profile information is reflected on both the healthcare professional and agency view
  • eSign Documents
    • Healthcare professionals can complete, view, and download completed eSign documents
      • To learn more about the eSign Feature available within Kamana click here
  • Messages
    • Healthcare professionals can view all messages between an agency and their account

Private Agency Features
Employer Attachments and Employer Notes are both private to your agency. Healthcare professionals cannot see these sections, and typically are not aware that they exist. 
Employer Attachments allows agencies to upload internal documents relevant to the healthcare professional, that they do not need to have access to. Examples of employer attachments would include, but are not limited to: background checks, drug screening results, performance reviews, and other internal HR documents.  Learn more about Employer Attachments.
Employer Notes provides agency users a space to share notes about a healthcare professional or document communication outside of the messaging feature of Kamana. Notes can be labeled as: Call, Email, Note, or Text.