Talent status is tracked at two levels: 'Relationship Status' and 'Engagement Status'. This article outlines how Relationship Status works, and where Engagement Status factors in. 

Note that at this time only 'Relationship Status' has been implemented. This article will be updated when Engagements and Engagement Status features have been implemented*

Relationship Status Definitions

  • Interested means the Talent has shown an interest but has not yet been qualified by your team. This is the default status.
  • Prospect means the Talent has been identified as a qualified candidate for the professions and specialties that you place. 
  • Engaged* means the Talent is in the process of being qualified/submitted for, is credentialing for, or is actively working a specific job that you have available. Talent set to the Engaged status will display on your Compliance - Dashboard of expiring credentials
  • Under Review means the Talent needs to be reviewed by your team prior to being considered for hire/re-hire. 
    • When selected you will be prompted to provide a reason and can optionally create a comment on the status.
    • Under Review Reasons: Candidate Terminated, Client Terminated, Employer Terminated, Other.
  • Archived means the Talent is no longer being considered for employment at this time. 
    • When selected you will be prompted to provide a reason and can optionally create a comment on the status.
    • Archived Reasons: Hired Elsewhere, Not A Fit, Unqualified, Other.
    • Talent Profiles that are marked as 'DO NOT HIRE' are automatically set as Archived. Note that you will need to remove the DO NOT HIRE flag prior to changing the status. Once the flag has been removed, the candidate will revert to Interested and the change status button will populate.

What will the Engagements and Engagement Status feature look like in Kamana? Engagements will track the status of a candidate for a specific job (e.g. Qualifying, Submitted, Credentialing, Cleared by Client) along with the completion of the credentialing and compliance requirements for that job. The status on the Talent Profile will show both the Relationship and Engagement Status when the talent has an active Engagement (e.g. Engaged - Credentialing, or Engaged - Cleared to Start). 

How to Update the Relationship Status

  1. Open the Talent Profile for the healthcare professional you'd like to update.
  2. Click the Change Status button near the top of the Profile
  3. Select a status
  4. If Under Review or Archived is selected, you will be prompted to select a reason.
    1. Select a reason from the pick list.
    2. Optionally enter a comment
    3. Click Save.

Filter by Relationship Status on the Talent list views

The My Talent and Our Talent List views can be filtered by status using the Talent Relationship Status filter option. 

  • The default filter is set to display 'Available to Work' - which is a combined view of the Interested and Prospect statuses. 
  • To change the status filter, Click the filter dropdown to select the status you'd like to view. 
  • The list view will update to display the selected status.