As an agency user, talent profiles are able to be manually created within your agency’s Kamana account. Ideally, the healthcare professional would start this process by either accepting a Personalized Invite to your Kamana portal or visiting your Application Landing Page. However, Kamana provides the option to manually create a talent profile from the agency side, that can later be claimed by the healthcare professional.

Creating a Talent Profile

To manually create a talent profile: 
  • Select Our Talent from the Navigation Pane
  • Click the add(+)icon near the top right of the Our Talent page
  • Enter the healthcare professional’s email address
    • Entering this email address will validate that the healthcare professional does not already have an existing Kamana profile. If a profile has already been created, you will be prompted to send a Personalized Invite instead. 
  • In the New Talent module, provide the following required information: 
    • Profession
    • Specialty
    • Years of Experience
    • First and Last Name
  • If possible, it is suggested that you fill out the manual profile to the best of your ability if you have the correct data from the healthcare professional.
  • Select Save Changes
An Unclaimed Talent Profile has now been created for the health care professional, which has it’s limitations. Claimed Talent Profiles provide the most functionality and best user experience for both the healthcare professional and the agency!

Sending a Claim Invite

Unclaimed Talent Profiles are able to be claimed by the healthcare professional when an agency user sends a Claim Invite. 
To send a claim invite: 
  • Select Our Talent from the Navigation Pane
  • Select the Unclaimed Talent Profile you would like to send the invite for
    • Unclaimed Talent Profiles can be quickly identified by the orange icon next to the healthcare professional’s name
  • Click Draft a Claim Invite located directly under the health care professionals name, photo, and profession
  • Optionally, add a Personal Message to your healthcare professional. Personal messages will appear in the invitation email.
  • Select Send Invite Now
Important: The agency user who sends the Claim Invite will be assigned the Primary Contact once the invite is accepted. Learn more about Primary Contacts here.
An email invitation will be sent automatically to the healthcare professional. Once the link is clicked, the healthcare professional will need to complete a few short steps to complete the process. 

Once the profile is successfully claimed, all limitations of Unclaimed Talent Profiles are lifted and all functionality of the app will be available.