Ready, Set, Invite! Once you have configured your Agency Preferences and updated your Notification Preferences, you’re ready to start inviting healthcare professionals to your agency’s Kamana portal. 

Inviting healthcare professionals to join your agency can be done one of three ways: 
  • Send a personalized invitation to your Kamana portal 
    • Personalized Invitations are suggested for inviting a healthcare professional that you have already been in contact with, but does not have a profile within your Kamana portal.
  • Send a Claim Profile Invitation
    • Claim Profile Invitations should be sent when a profile has been manually created for the healthcare professional in your Kamana portal.
  • Send a link that directs healthcare professionals to your Application Landing Page
    • Inviting a healthcare professional via your Application Landing Page URL is a great option for new candidates who you have not built a relationship with yet.
For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on sending personalized invitations to healthcare professionals through your Kamana portal.

Sending Personalized Invitations to Healthcare Professionals

To send a personalized invitation:
  • Select Our Talent from the Navigation Pane
  • Click the Envelope icon near the top right of the Our Talent page
  • Select the add(+)icon in the Invitations Module
  • Enter the healthcare professional’s Email Address
  • Optionally, add a Private Note to the profile(private notes are only able to be seen by other users within your agency)
  • Optionally, add a Personal Message for your healthcare professional. Personal messages will appear in the invitation email.
  • Select Send Invite
An email invitation will be sent automatically to the healthcare professional. 
Once the link is clicked, the healthcare professional will be presented to either Log In with an existing Kamana Profile, or to Create a Kamana Profile. 
Learn more about the experience of receiving an invite and creating a profile as a healthcare professional here.
Once completed, if subscribed to New Talent Sign-Up notifications, a notification will be sent via your preferred notification method